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250 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012, USA

Contact Name: jacob Menaker
P: 212 672 6350 P: 347 756 1306 F: 212 672 6360


Jacob is a very vibrant and friendly individual. Born in Caracas, Venezuela to a Russian father and a Moroccan mother, Jacob is very culturally diverse. He is lucky to have lived in many countries world wide. Some of the places his travels have taken him to are, South Africa, Spain, Amsterdam, England, Denmark, Israel, Australia, Cuba, and has seen a lot of our beautiful country. Travel is his passion. Discovery is his goal. Deep Sea diving is his hobby. Jacob is a very well educated person. Still a student, and will always be one, Jacob has majored in rabbinical studies. He is an ordained Rabbi, and has come into contact with myriads of people from all walks of life. Jacob sees Real Estate as a parallel to being a Rabbi. He feels that the key job of a Rabbi is to help people in their most stressful times and walk them through the changes that life has for us and Real Estate is just that. For many finding a home can be the most important decision in life. Itís the change to the unknown that makes finding a new home so strenuous. Jacob has been faced with many challenges, and we feel that he will be the perfect agent to help you walk through the important decisions in finding a new home.