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Nicoletti Property Management LLC

Real Estate Broker & Agency

Nicoletti Property Management LLC

Redi MIX Rd, Little River, SC 29566

Contact Name: Dori Nicoletti
P: 843-390-1730 F: 843-390-1738
Web: www.nicolettipropertymanagement.com


Link to Broker/Agent License: https://verify.llronline.com/LicLookup/Rec/R

NICOLETTI PROPERTY MANAGEMENT works to achieve the highest professionalism in Real Estate Property Management Services. Conveniently located near the northern access of Rte. 31 we provide our services to all of Horry County. Our Mission is to provide the very best property management services that we are capable of performing for our clients. We want to provide a stress-free environment, protect the owner’s investment and help achieve the owner’s goals. We take pride in ourselves to have a reputation in our community for honest, efficient and professional service. Property Management is not our other Business, it is our only Business! For the owner-investor in single family homes, condo’s, townhouses and duplexes we offer a comprehensive management program which includes: • Performing a market analysis to assist the owner in determining a satisfactory rental rate. • Managing an advertising program customized to fit the needs of the individual property owner, which may include: o An attractive yard or window sign o A printed information sheet on the rental property and amenities o Posting of advertising on multiple internet sites o Newspaper and Real Estate publication advertising • Screening of tenants which includes: o Establish a rental policy and a rental qualification statement that complies with fair housing laws o Obtaining a comprehensive application from prospective tenants o Perform credit checks, income verification and contacting references • Lease preparation and negotiation • Performing a thorough move-in inspection • Collecting security deposits and rent and maintaining and distributing funds through the appropriate trust accounts • Helping to prevent emergency repairs by managing a preventative maintenance program tailored to each individual property • Securing vendors and making payments for minor repairs. • Obtaining multiple quotes from vendors and managing major repairs approved by the owner • Providing the owner with monthly statements including invoices for repairs • Performing periodic inspections at a frequency that will give the owner peace of mind • Perform move-out inspections. Assess damages (if any), coordinate repairs and provide a full accounting to tenant and owner. • Initiate legal action in the name of the owner for eviction and to recover possession of the property. We are confident our service will separate us from our competition and help protect your valuable investments. We look forward to serving you. Dori Nicoletti, PMIC