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The Bell Properties

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The Bell Properties

Albemarle, NC 28002, USA

Contact Name: The Bell Properties
P: 980-234-7368 P: 980-23-4RENT


We rent affordable homes in Albemarle, NC to those who want the best rental home available, at a reasonable price. Ours are not the most expensive or the cheapest homes available, but we believe that by having quality homes at affordable prices, our tenants will be happier and stay in their homes longer. That way, everybody wins!

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Listed on: Thu Nov 12, 2009
Rewly renovated Albemarle, Nc Single Family Rewly Renovated 3 Bedroom

Albemarle Single Family Rental
3 beds 1 baths
1314 sqft
Very Nice Albemarle, Nc Single Family Very Nice 3 Bedroom

Albemarle Single Family Rental
3 beds 1.5 baths
1341 sqft