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Distinctive Rental Homes

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Distinctive Rental Homes

6766 Woodland Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55346, USA

Contact Name: Bill Bloomberg
P: (612) 360-3349 F: (952) 906-2920
Web: www.distinctiverentalhomes.com


Link to Broker/Agent License: https://www.pulseportal.com/selectStateAndBo

Being the Owner, Broker, and Agent of a company that specializes in leasing high-end homes affords us the ability to: Motivate thousands of Realtors by offering an attractive reward if any of them can find a better renter faster than we can. Other rental home companies offer little or nothing to cooperating agents which is not in property owners' best interests. Give high-end clients the care and attention that they and their homes deserve. When clients call, they are not routed through a call queue. Most of the time they speak to the Owner/Broker/Agent directly or have their call return within the hour. Represent 4-6 high-level executives a month and ensure that our listings get every consideration. We list home on all the sites that renters frequent, screen renters, create a video previews, show your home, run a thorough background searches, negotiate contracts, help with utility transfers, municipal approvals, and insurance, set up automated monthly renal payments, and manage the home if you desire.