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Hecht Group

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Hecht Group

136 East 57th Street #401, New York, NY 10022, USA

Contact Name: Jamie Robinson
P: 646-296-2856


With his knowledge of the real estate market, ambition, flexibility, and desire to help others, Jamie’s outgoing professionalism, and vibrant personality exudes enthusiasm, which is passed on to his clients, ensuring a fun, exceptional experience. With his sincere honesty, and thorough follow through, you can rest assure that Jamie will do everything possible to ensure that all of your requests are taken into account before any preview takes place. Jamie uses virtues, such as, persistence and perseverance, that he has attained over the years as a personal trainer, and competitive athlete, and uses these same qualities to lead you to your desired home. Giving Jamie the opportunity, and the privilege to work for you, as your broker, will be deeply appreciated; thus, compelling him to work diligently for you!