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184 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010, USA

Contact Name: Christopher Kallicharran
P: 9175472621 P: 9175472621


Christopher Kallicharran applies his focus, discipline, and professionalism to the art of real estate. He is highly organized and efficient at managing his client's time effectively. Warm and outgoing, Christopher extends himself graciously to those who engage his services. He is particularly sensitive to those who are relocating to the city and understands the acclimation process from personal experience. As a real estate professional, Christopher has found a venue that draws upon all of his developed skills and talents in the service of others. He has a good eye for the value of an apartment; not just the size and price, but for the sanctuary and lifestyle options that it will provide for his clients. He enjoys helping others and seeing the happiness that comes when they find the right home. Christopher loves living in New York City and the diversity of cultural experiences that it provides. As a native New Yorker, he is always poised for the unexpected. He remains calm in the often hectic, competitive world of apartment rentals in New York City.