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Contact Name: Robert Kravath
P: 646.854.6547


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"If I were to look for another Manhattan apartment, Robert would be the first person I would contact and I highly recommend him." "The most experienced, honest, and professional Broker I know." "Extremely knowledgeable." "An amazing experience working with Robert." Robert Kravath, expert real estate broker and attorney, has a wealth of knowledge and the ability to explain real estate concepts clearly to his clients. He provides market assessments, property valuations, and goes through the process of the transaction both in person and through his powerful blog: Rob is a proud recipient of numerous accolades, from former “Rookie of the Year” to “Top Producer." You need an experienced and intelligent negotiator who can stay focused and determined. Robert has enormous experience and a wealth of information. Robert can introduce you to very valuable professionals in other fields that will assist you, from financing to law, and more.