About Us

Tenant.com is another AtTheBeach.com, Inc. site that specializes in the rental market for homes, coops, condominiums and apartments.

This site compliments our existing real estate sites:

  • TaxRecords.com - 3,000,000 property ownership records and assessments for the State of NJ.
  • WeeklyRentals.com - 10,000 short term vacation rentals in Cape May County, NJ.

Additional complimentary 'stand-alone' sites of:

  • PDFThisPage.com
  • FaxThisPage.com
were developed simultaneously with this site to allow on-line 'property' document delivery via email and fax.

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AtTheBeach.com also owns and operates a wide variety of web sites that provide a broad range of services including on-line resort vacation rental and sales searches, real estate tax records, live video web cameras at the Jersey Shore, virtual beach tours, and free Internet greeting cards. We accommodate over 10,000 different visitors (unique visits not hits) per day to our popular web sites, and offer advertising space in various formats to businesses that can benefit from reaching these visitors.

The site you are currently visiting, Tenant.com , is a site specifically designed by AtTheBeach.com for owners, brokers, property managers and tenants seeking to market or rent a property.